World Tour Luggage Protector

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Protect your luggage from dirt and scratches while you travel! This fashionable World Tour Luggage Protector is a great choice if you want to change the outlook of your suitcase and also prevent it from unwanted damages.
The cover is designed to make the usage of it easy and simple. It has several openings for handles and fixed with a zipper and buckle from the bottom side of your suitcase. The fabric is high quality and elastic, the colors are bright and do not fade after several times of use and washing


  • Material: elastic fabric. 3 sizes,
  • The cover is very light and can be stored with very little space.
  • Protects against stains, dust, scratches.
  • Protects your luggage from scratches and shocks;

Size: S / M / L.

  • S: fits 18-20 inches of suitcase.
  • M: fits 22-24 inches of suitcase.
  • L: fits 26-28 inches of suitcase.


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