About Ceeianes International Travel Essentials

Why Ceeianes Travel Essentials?

Your One-Stop Platform for Traveling Smart

No matter where you are traveling to, everyone needs to travel cool and smart.

There are days when you travel (on a plane or a bus, or even a ship), and you want to jam to some cool songs and let the music serenade you, only for you to find out that your battery is running low, and you never brought your charger along.

The horror! Days like this don’t need to happen at all.

This is why Ceeianes Travel Essentials was established in the first place. We are not like other travel gear store. We base our expertise in rendering international travel essentials to prospective travelers, who once felt the same dread in forgetting something of crucial importance to their travel destination, or are traveling for the first time.

We, as a customer service delivery establishment, has been in existence for the past eight years, and we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality travel accessories to your doorsteps before you make that journey a reality.

How We Started

Ceeianes Travel Essentials started out of a vision to provide prospective sojourners with a range of high-quality travel accessories that will help make their travel memorable.

Ceeianes was started by Kay Jolejole@iamceeianes who saw the necessity to travel the world. In the process of exploring the world, she had come to realize the hassle people go through daily because they can’t find the right travel products to get during the process of preparing for a journey. She became genuinely concerned and thought of the possible ways to ease travelers of such stress.

Starting Ceeianes Travel Essentials was therefore born out of that concern to provide these essentials that will add up to make every travel relaxing and fun.

Our Belief

At Ceeianes, we believe that fulfillment is a product of having the right travel products when you need them. It shouldn’t take more than a simple order to have your international travel essentials kit ready for your next trip. We have a popular belief that Ceeianes should be run in a very transparent manner, especially so that our customers can trust us enough to take us as a family. We believe that we can grow from our humble beginning into a force in internet distribution, providing high-quality travel needs where our customers need them, at the right and affordable price.

We believe that the easy accessibility of the best travel store can contribute to making your tour memorable, especially when they are a true reflection of your style.

Contact Us

Our customers are family to us, and we love to hear from them. We have made our dedicated channels available so that you are not left waiting when you need to talk to us. Contact us today on any of our telephone lines or through our website, and you’ll get a response within 24 hours.