Why You Need to Travel the World to Dispel Rumours

Most people use the popular saying “seeing is believing” quite often. It is used to mean that before you actually believe something to be true, you should see it for yourself or find out the fact of it for yourself. This is a saying that extends to travelling the world as there are many myths, rumours, and old tales that have stuck around over the years without any truth to them. One of the most popular reasons for travelling the world is seeing things for yourself and finding out what is true versus what is not.

This article explores the many reasons why you should go out and explore the world and how travelling around the world can make you wiser, more knowledgeable and factual. It is a guaranteed fact that seeing the truth about various places in the world for yourself helps many people dispel even the oldest rumours.

There are many fantastic reasons to travel as well as opportunities it brings and dispelling rumours or fact checking around the world is just one of them but it is a fulfilling experience that leaves you with more knowledge and awareness than you initially left with.

Different Ways and Reasons to Travel and How They Help Dispel Rumours

There are different reasons behind travel beyond the usual expectation of business and vacation. While these are the most popular ones and are usually a part of most trips, there are also other reasons and side attractions to travelling.

  1. You get a lot of education and learning when you travel. Travelling is a form of education and that is why many school courses today include this in their programs as it is more effective that reading or hearing other’s experiences. One of the best ways to learn about other cultures, languages, cuisine, history, government, and pretty much anything is to go there, see for yourself, immerse yourself in it and live for a while in that other reality. Doing this is a proven way to learn the truth about a place. You also come to realise that in some ways, there might be several truths or rumours about certain places or cultures. For instance, living in a village might help you understand what the villagers there believe versus what those in the urban areas and cities believe. It can help you break down some of the myths around those places, find out why the people there do what they do, live how they live and even how some of those beliefs came to be founded as you can really see and explore the truth behind them by living them.
  2. You get to explore many famous destinations, places and travel attractions. There are many famous tourist attractions around the world with their own stories around them both true and false as well as those woven around to make it more interesting and intriguing. Travelling and visiting those places is a chance to see for yourself what is and what is not. You can explore these places by yourself, see what they truly look like, with a group, with a tour guide and many other different options that give you the opportunity to see why such places are so famous and why they are so special. You see and hear first-hand what the myths and rumours are and what is actually there.
  3. Travelling helps you see both how large the world is and how small it really is. It gives most people the sense that there is still so much left to see and explore as well as the feeling that some things are the same everywhere. There are so many feelings attached to travelling – some people feel nothing while some feel connected and a part of something, some get the feeling of living in amazing moments while others feel overwhelmed by it all. It helps not just explore things about the world but also about yourself.
  4. “Home is where the heart is”. Travelling helps you explore this feeling and the truth behind this statement. For many travellers, it helps you understand where you really want to be despite everything you see and explore. The feeling of where you would like to be or go back to tells you where your home is and who you would like to share the experiences and stories with. It is well known to increase appreciation of home and family for most people.
  5. Travelling is something that is known to open your mind and your eyes. It changes how you perceive things and think as you learn many things about the world and the truth of the world. It brings you the different ideas, beliefs, perspectives, behaviours and ideologies of other people, helps you have a more well-rounded view of the world and the people in it. Even if you do not come to believe those things yourself, you are more aware about them, how they affect others and why some people hold on to them. Understanding the differences in all of these is also a great part of travelling.
  6. You develop new skills and capacities you did not know you had because of the different situations you will be in as a result of the new places and experiences. It is a challenging experience for many that shakes up the usual. It comes with some sort of awakening.

Popular Rumours, Myths and Beliefs About Travelling

  1. One of the most commonly held beliefs about travelling is that it is expensive and not for anyone who does not have access to a lot of many but actually travelling and experiencing the world has led to a number of people exploring more affordable ways to travel and understanding that there are different kinds and different ways to travel that allow you to cut down on cost while having a good time and learning new things about the world. While there will always be some cost to travelling, it can be a lot cheaper than people expect. The idea of travel that people have comes from what they see through the media which largely promotes the luxury of it all.
  2. Another popular travel belief easily dispelled by the actual experience is that it is hard or stressful to travel. The more you travel, the more you want to and the more you realise how easy it is. Travelling seems harder when it hasn’t been done than when it has. Once you start travelling, you not only learn more about the world and yourself but also better ways to travel, tips and tricks that will help make your travel experiences easier and less stressful.
  3. Travel is dangerous is another popular belief and yes, there are risks but with some safety precautions and watchfulness on your part, you can avoid most of it. Travel is more fun than it is dangerous and most people around the world are actually kinder to tourists and foreigners and try to give them the best view and experience of their country.
  4. Travelling is for a particular time. For example, some people believe it’s best to travel when you are single and do not have any responsibility. Other people believe it is more ideal to build in your early years and travel when you are more stable. There many varying rules and beliefs about when travelling is best but actually going out there and doing it tells you something – that the experience is subjective. No one but you can tell you the best time to travel and how it would benefit you the most as everyone is built on different clocks and your own experiences and opportunities will be completely different from the next person.

Without actually travelling, it is easy to believe some of these things that are so easily rolled out by other people but travelling dispels a lot of these and gives you more confidence in your own ideas and experience of the world.

Benefits of Travelling the World

Apart from the opportunity to learn and dispel many rumours about the world, there are numerous other benefits to you personally that come from travelling directly and some of those include:

  • Confidence: Travelling brings a lot of people out of their shell, gives them better perspectives and opinions about themselves. As it is an opportunity to try new things and develop better skills, many people come out of it feeling better than ever, more confident in themselves and their abilities. You find out a different side of yourself that you and the people who come in contact with you every day might take for granted.
  • A whole new network of connections and friends: This is one of the top reasons many people travel. There is just so much to the world and so little of it that will come to you in whatever corner of the world you currently reside. Travelling will give you a network of new friends and connections that you would never have imagined and open you up to connections that you might have otherwise never been able to make.
  • Career opportunities: While the internet has brought us a lot of opportunities and opened minds to the possibility of careers that never existed in the past, there is still a lot more to be found from travelling and seeing what is being done around the world. It might give you a whole new career or a new angle to your current one. You might find an opportunity worth exploring or relocating for or even one you can replicate back home. That’s part of the wonder of travelling the world – the possibilities are endless.
  • Health and Wellness: One angle to travelling that many people do not see is that it can be great for your health. The opportunity to relax and take life at your pace will do wonders for your health and help you find new ways to stay stress free. This is also because many people are more active when they travel despite being relaxed. They get to walk, hike, take adventures and do more than their regular stationary life. It is a big stress reliever with numerous lifestyle benefits.
  • Appreciation for the world: This is another top benefit of travelling. It gives you a sense of appreciation for what you have and what the world has in store. Before you leave home, it is easy to take things for granted and not see more than meets the eye but exploring the reality of the world gives you an appreciation of its beauty and what you have when you find out some of the realities other people around the world face.
  • Travelling will allow you cut off from all the bad stuff in your life and figure things out. It is a time of seclusion in a different bubble that makes it hard to keep up with your regular life yet gives you the clarity you need to see things differently. This is one of the greatest additions many travellers say they get from experiencing life in other places.

All in all, your travel experience will make you a more interesting person. It is a faster way to gain knowledge than reading and even school and you can find that the facts about anything come to you way quicker because you have experienced it and know if first hand. Travelling isn’t just about the short-term trip. It stays with you for an even longer period than you might think with the memories, knowledge gained, cultural adaptations, better understanding of the world and much more.

So, if you have been holding back or unaware of just how many opportunities travelling brings and how it shapes you for the better, I hope this has taught you otherwise and will push you to start planning and saving towards your next adventure.

It is never too late to begin that journey of exploration and learning more about the world through travel and there is absolutely nothing standing between you and journeying around the world to find out what’s true and what’s not.

There is an adventure out there waiting for you. Explore it!

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