Travel Essentials You Can’t Do Without

Traveling anytime soon, then sit back as we are about to give you a unique list of travel essentials that will make any travel destination an unforgettable one. We have tried our best to add pictures to give you an idea of the travel items and a brief description. We want you to enjoy your vacation with the right stuff and avoid saying, ”oh I wish I brought that with me”.

Depending on where you are traveling to, you will need to get the following

Your Passport and Travel Documents: make sure your passport is okay and won’t be expiring anytime soon. If you don’t need a passport, then make sure that all necessary documents intact and kept safe in one place to avoid missing anything. Do you need a visa, get that done and then you can start packing. To keep your documents safe, you will need a mesh travel pouch.

The Mesh Travel Pouch: the mesh travel pouch is a large pouch bag for holding your documents and keeping your document organized. With the mesh pouch, we guarantee that you will never forget any important documents behind. The mesh bag also comes with a hook for hanging the pouch. The pouch can also serve as a toiletry bag, a cosmetic bag, an office bag, an electronic organizer bag, and a tool bag. It can be used for a vacation or for your items at home and your work wherever you go.

Mesh Travel Bag

What else do we need?

We need a bag to keep our phones and other valuables dry as you go around enjoying all the sites at your vacation spot. The best bag is the dry bag.

The Dry Bag is a portable, multipurpose bag that is made with waterproof material that prevents water from getting in to spoil your belongings. The bag comes in various sizes to accommodate your phones, camera, electronics, and all other personal belongings. The dry bag allows you do enjoy all water sports like canoeing, kayaking, rafting, boating, and even dance under the rain without worry. The dry bag is convenient and easy to carry too.

Dry Bag

The Smart Tag Finder: you must be wondering what this is for, but how many times have you been on a journey and can find what you are looking for. Well, the smart tag finder ensures you never lose your keys, wallet, phones, bags or anything else. The smart tag is a small device that you program into the internet when you download the app. The device is compatible with Android 4.3 and above, iOS 8 and higher with Bluetooth capability. When you lose an item, it is easier to find by just tapping into the app. The smart tag ensures you never miss an item on your trip and comes in different languages.

Smart Tag Finder

The RFID: the most problems that tourists and vacationers suffer from are by pickpockets and thieves that steal your credit or debit cards. The Radio frequency identification is an advanced technology blocking mechanism that protects all your IDs without worry.


The Travel Foot Rest: How many times are you in a long flight and wish you can hang up your feet; well you can do that now with the travel footrest. The foot rest is flexible and easy to use and all you need is to hang it on your tray on the plane and let your feet free.

Travel Foot Rest

The Travelogue Planner: the travelogue planner comes with a mini notepad and mini-maps of your travel locations. This allows you to keep track of your vacation spots and jot down your experiences during the trip. What a better way to stay on track and not get lost in a new country.

Travelogue Travel Journal

The Travel Pillow: airplane seats are really not the most comfortable sleeping areas, but a travel pillow will make all the difference. With so many pillows, the U-shape travel pillow with hoodie keeps your neck in shape and you eye covered from the airplane light. This particular travel pillow is the best you can get and it is very portable with the anti-sweat material, soft but firm enough to provide the needed neck support. The hoodie design is to cover your eyes so you don’t need to buy an extra eye patch.

Hoodie Travel Pillow

The Sling Bag: this is not like any sling bag you know or have. This sling bag has an anti-theft patch with a USB charger that allows you to charge your electronic gadgets on the move. This bag holds all your valuables and can be either a shoulder bag or a chest bag. It is very light and easy to clean when dirty. The bag can serve as a daily work bag after your vacation.

Sling Bag

The Universal Travel Adapter: the international adapter can be used in over 150 countries, which means buy one and enjoy it forever. It is also fitted with UK, EU, US, and CN/AU plugs with a powerful USB port. The universal adapter allows you to charge 3 devices and is the perfect solution to carrying multiple chargers everywhere you go.

Universal Travel Adapter

The Digital Luggage Scale: it is not fun getting to the airport only to find out that your luggage is overweight. The digital luggage scale will you weigh your luggage to the exact weight so that you won’t have to remove anything from it at the airport. The luggage scale is easy to use, just attach it to your bag and lift.

Digital Luggage Scale

The Anti-crease Shirt Transport: this portable device helps keeps your shirt and blouses without creases before a board meeting or just to look clean during a trip.

Anti-crease Shirt Transport

Luggage Cover Protector: if you travel a lot, the luggage cover allows you to perfectly cover an old bag without bothering to purchase another one. They come in a variety of colors and designs or even the design of the world map or a travel design. There are designs for kids too for those family vacations.

Luggage Protector Cover

Portable Solar Charged Power Bank: we can’t always guarantee that power will be available when you travel, but the sun will definitely be up. The portable solar power bank is eco-friendly with anti-skid protection. It is also water resistant and shockproof. These power tools are durable, sturdy, and excellent for camping, hiking or on a long road trip and will survive a fall without breaking. It keeps you connected without electricity.

Solar Charged Power Bank

The Travel Backpack: the backpack is the most used travel gadget. Tourists, travelers, business, and adventurists use the backpack to carry their items. However, this travel backpack from is durable, water-resistant, and can be folded for easy packing. The backpack is lightweight with multiple compartments and the perfect companion for any trip.

Travel Backpack

Life Jacket: if you are going to be in contact with water or traveling by water, the life jacket is very important. The life jackets come in different shapes and designs. The kids also have their own superhero designs to make your kids feel like their heroes during the vacation.

Life Jacket

The First Aid Kit: depending on your kind of holiday, you might not need a first aid kit. However, if you are traveling with kids, a kit is important. The kit should contain mini bandages, plaster, cotton wool, and disinfectant among other things for easy to use.

First Aid Kit

The Signature Travel Cosmetic Bucket Bag: are you fed up with the regular design travel cosmetic bag; the bucket design should be right up your alley. The shape allows you to carry more items and with its plenty compartments, you can be sure that there is space for all your cosmetics including toiletries. The bucket bag can conveniently carry large makeup brushes, sprays, perfumes, creams, shampoo, soap, gel, and deodorant in an upright position to avoid spilling or pouring like in a conventional cosmetic bag.

Cosmetic Bucket Bag

A Purse: a small purse or wallet to carry your money or cards for easy access to pay for an item bought or pay for bills

Travel Purse

The Waterproof Shoe Bag: shoe bag is not a shoe bag. The waterproof shoe bag allows you to carry your shoes in the rain without worry about it being weighed. The bag comes with a zipper and allows you to keep your shoes away from your clothes. The shoe bag can also double as a cosmetic bag or a toiletry bag too.

Waterproof Shoe Bag

Ear Plugs: this is very important, especially for a traveler. It keeps your ears safe from the noise, dust, and pressure of the plane or during a swim. The earplugs are also good for hikers to walk through forest or wet vegetations to avoid bugs getting into your ears. If you are traveling with kids, get them one too.

Ear Plugs

Sachet Detergent/Liquid Soap: during trips, you will not get access to a washing machine and will have to do it on your own. The sachet soap is easy to use at a hotel sink and they are so small that you won’t bother with spills in your bag or littering the bathroom.

Sachet Detergent

Travel Towels: they are softer and much easier to maintain than normal towels. A travel towel is important as not all hotels and resort will provide towels and even if they do, you don’t know how clean it is. The travel towels come in a pack of four with different colors to choose from too.

Travel Towel

Bathing soap and Sponges: Well, we can’t have a bath with soap or a sponge for a clean skin. A travel bar soap and sponge are readily available. A shower gel will be better if your hotel is a modernized one.

Scarf and Hats: this might not look necessary, but they are very important and are the best head cover material in hot weather or otherwise. A scarf or hats make you look good and fashionable too.

Mosquito net or Cream: if you are traveling outside the US, UK or the EU, then the mosquito net or cream is important. The net is best if the kids are holidaying with you or if you will be camping outside your hotel room.

Mosquito Net

Sleeping Bags: these are very important, the sleeping bag should be easy to fold and use. It should be easy to clean too.

Sleeping Bag

Kids’ Accessories: the kids need to be kept busy, especially if they are not outdoors. It is advisable to carry a set of educational books to keep their brain busy and alert during the trip and some toys for playing too.

Swimwear and Swimming Gear: a pair of swim gears for the kids and you will make sure that you enjoy any beach holiday or water sport.

Flashlight: a flashlight is important and necessary. A waterproof flashlight can be added to your travel essentials if the outdoors will be a bigger part of your vacation.


Snacks and Water Bottles: you can’t always buy food in a foreign country and when on the move a bar or chocolate or a healthy snack with a water bottle will go a long way to curb your hunger pangs.

Water Bottle

The Camera: snap good pictures and create memories with the camera, the camera and the charger should be in your bag and be charged for pictures or videos of your journey.

Your Tablets with the Internet: for social media people, a good hotel with WiFi is vital. You can also get your own internet service to allow you to stay connected to the outside world depending on where you are holidaying.

Plastic Cutlery Sets: you can’t go wrong with having your own dinning tools. They come in various shapes and size, easy to use and clean, and you won’t have to bother about breaking anything or contacting any infection.

Plastic Cutlery Set

So you have planned your dream vacation and you are ready to pack your bags, follow our list and we promise that you will have all you need for your holiday and enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Most of the items listed above are from the travel smart website,, a travel accessories store. It is your one-stop site for all things travel at an affordable price, uniquely designed, and the best travel essentials for your next trip.

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