Smart Tips to Adopt when Travelling

Travelling can rake up high bills from actual transportation costs to lodging costs, luggage costs and car rentals and so on, so much so that you may find yourself second-guessing your trip, traveling can be made easier and cheaper by adopting smart tips. These smart tips to adopt when traveling will give you relief to your credit bills, make traveling more convenient and fun, you can now travel more often than you used to.


Buy your airline tickets at the right time

It is common for travel fares to be hiked during some peak periods like the holidays, not to mention that you would be lucky if you can get a free seat at the last minute. Avoid struggling at peak periods by planning your trip early so that you can get to book for your tickets early enough and cut off the fare hikes as well as the rush, you will thank yourself when the time comes to travel. If you want to use a travel agent, you can try apps like hopper, expedia, kayak to get awesome deals and get notified of tickets price slash that you can take advantage of.


Getting tickets directly from the airline

It is generally cheaper when you by your airline tickets directly rather than having to go through an intermediary travel agency, apart from taking advantages of extra care and offers from these agencies, if you won’t be needing those extras then it may be a good idea to buy your ticket directly.

The other reason people use travel agents is because they are notified of periods of low costs tickets which they can take advantage of, but registering as a member with an airline can get you this advantage and more because you are rewarded for your miles traveled. You would be surprised how much miles you actually travel, and why not get something out of all those trips. Most airlines have the options of online booking so that you don’t need to get to the airport, you could even do up to paying for food and other extras you may need on your flight all from your phone.


Check out accommodation options

It depends on what you are going for here, do you really want to stay at an airport hotel? Yeah they are cool and easy to find but they are also expensive so except you are a registered member with the airline and would get some points out of it, it may be better to lodge at another hotel. Using airport hotels during your travels add some points to your mileage and therefore make you eligible for more benefits.

If you aren’t looking for the membership benefits then you should check out websites like Airbnb to find out about cheaper lodgings around, you may even find that taking up extra room lodgings with the locals may be cheaper than using a hotel, and they can even point you to where to get better deals on things like food.


Pack smart

Luggage can be very expensive, and the stress of having your multiple bags checked in, you might want to rethink how much you pack on your trips. There are smart traveling bags that allow you to pack more stuff in your bags as well as lightweight boxes, there is no reason why your bag should weigh a quarter of your overall luggage weight. You should also learn about smart ways to pack your stuff for a trip to avoid packing more than is necessary.

Try to pack flexible clothing options, that is clothes that can take you from a Monday morning look to a Friday night look in seconds so that instead of two outfits you only have one. Try using solid dark or neutral colors for essential clothing pieces because they can easily be paired with any other color as well.

Shoes take a lot of space in bags, you may find out that the five pairs of shoes you packed are not necessary, cut it down to two or three pairs at most; one for each type of outing you plan on, no need having different color work shoes when you can use one with different outfits. Make use of the space inside your shoes to carry things like lipstick and other tiny things that may take up space, and roll up your clothes rather than folding them as they occupy less space that way.

When it comes to packing, getting the right bag and packing early allows you to make better packing choices and help you reduce things that may not be necessary.


Do not pack things that you can easily get where you are going

Things like cosmetic and make up can be gotten anywhere, and if you find that your cosmetics are almost finished, why carry a big bottle that only holds a little product when you could easily buy another where you are going. Remember that hotels come with complimentary toiletries and towels, so you may want to try those for a while, you will be grateful for how much room you save by not packing your towel.


Get your own travel pillow

Airlines and some other travel means can provide you with travel pillows, which do not come free in most cases, and they may not be exactly what you need or prefer. Having your own pillow will save you from spending that extra money on the travel pillow provided by the travel companies. If you do not have a travel pillow, some people suggest carrying on an extra bulky clothing that can easily be converted into a pillow if need be and if not, they can always provide extra warmth for the carrier.


Renting a car

Getting car rental services can be expensive, what you may not know is that it is even more expensive when you rent an airport car. It is enticing to use the car rental that comes with the airline that you are using because it is comfortable but you will find cheaper car rental services when you search and thanks to the internet, searching does not have to be so difficult anymore. Go online and look up local car rentals operating in your travel destination and compare prices, you will find out many times that they are cheaper than hotel car rentals.

It is also a good idea for you to stick to economy cars rather than luxury cars and avoid extra charges that may come with them giving you add on conveniences.


You do not have to use a rented car, – Uber is everywhere

Uber taxi service has made getting around so much easier when you do not have a car, the fact that you could order an Uber from anywhere you are and have it come to get you is really handy especially if you are in an unfamiliar place, you don’t know the taxi guys to trust and so on. Uber operates in many cities around the world, so find out if it is operating in the one you are headed to, and if it is, enjoy their service.

Uber isn’t the only company offering their type of services, you may find local companies operating within that town, that are, perhaps, cheaper for you. The good news is that if they don’t work out, you could always switch to Uber.


Opt for convenient public transport within the city

It is good to know that you have different options of moving around the city so that you can decide on the one that fits you more. Other than renting a car and using taxi service you could also try the city’s public transport system, you get to meet new people while on it and hopefully make new friends. You want to find out the best public transport system to use in that town and the ones that can, of course, get you where you plan to go. Apps like Citymapper help you out with getting public transportation in the cities you are traveling to.


Use a language translator

So what if you do not speak the local language? The traditional thing is to get a local that is bilingual and could then take you around so you only have to talk to them and they do all the communication for you. With apps like iTranslate you do not have to do it the traditional way, even if you do get a local tour guide. You may want to have a translator handy for times when it is just you or you feel like doing the talking. Translate texts too so that you can read signposts and know what shop to enter and which not to, google translate also has a live video feature and some offline languages available. Other top translators are google translate, sayHi, TripLingo, Microsoft translate and many more.


Plan your itinerary

Instead of waiting to get to your destination before you decide the things you may want to do or where you can do them, you may want to do yourself good by planning your itinerary before you arrive. It is not time-consuming, it is helpful in the sense that you get to do what you wanted in the time that you planned. TripIt is an app that helps you out with this, so that it does not get overwhelming, the app helps you organize your travel essentials from your flight reservation details up to your holiday explore plans. Just don’t forget to sneak in a little free time for some new discoveries you may make while on your trip.


Figure out where you want to go

Normally you would use a tour guide to tell you about the coolest spots in town but you can now get that information on your own by looking up reviews of people that have travelled and tried out the spots you plan on visiting. What’s better is that you can get ideas of where to go and what to do while in town, it’s as simple as using an app. TripAdvisor and Yelp are excellent apps for this, TripAdvisor is more general than Yelp because Yelp focuses on food and drinks spots (restaurants, drive-thrus, bars). You do no have to make a terrible choice of places to go because, chances are that someone has tried it and has something to tell you, and probably suggest alternatives to appeal to your interest.


Use a map to navigate

Luckily now with technology you do not need special map reading skills to read a map and make use of it efficiently, there are offline and online maps that can help you get around easily because nobody wants to get lost in a strange city. If you are not sure of how strong reception may be where you are going, then you could use offline maps where you download your planned locations beforehand and you have saved yourself the stress of asking around. Besides google map, there is that is an offline maps app, get the app and mark out your locations.


Weather forecast

The weather can mess up your plans to have an awesome outdoorsy time on your trip, you should know beforehand if it’s going to snow, how heavy a storm are you expecting, how is the temperature going to be like and have you packed the right clothes for it, is it going to rain and so on. Especially if you are travelling to a location that is known for crazy whether or one whose whether is very different from what you have at home, you want to be ready. There is no need going on a trip and staying indoors half the time because it was too cold outside or the storm made it impossible to hit the spots you planned on. Accuweather, google weather, yahoo weather are all-awesome ways to get your weather forecasts and have yourself ready to battle the storm, hopefully there isn’t one.


It is important to adopt smart tips for travelling so that it may allow you explore locations you wish to with an easy, convenient and cheaper way. What’s more is that these tips are easy to adopt, and you can do the most from your devices, why not use your smart phone to handle your smart trip?



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