How Traveling Can Help You Discover Yourself

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The day you stop moving, you stop learning. These are two of my most favorite quotes that remind me that to keep learning and discovering more about myself and my immediate environment, I need to keep moving.

Why is Traveling the Path to Self Discovery?

A lot of people will disagree that traveling doesn’t help you discover who you really are but is a channel of escape and distraction used by many to run away from their urgent problems and the entrapment they feel inside. I beg to differ. Sometimes in life, your immediate surrounding doesn’t present the perfect positioning for you to fully observe all the horizons to make clear-cut decisions about your life. We are carried by the tides of influences and sympathy when making decisions that are clearly not from within our peaceful place. Basically, we are in a constant bubble to please, to make, to give, to satisfy others forgetting ourselves. The circle of life will remain unbalanced and tilted never in our favor until we learn to truly understand the questions of our life that desperately needs answering. And that brings us to discovering who you are?

Sit tight, buckle your seat belt, relax, and we are taking off on a journey to discovering who you really are. Cruising at 32,000ft, the skies are clear and the weather is great. Enjoy.

Who are you?

And I don’t mean your name or the basic details about yourself; but who you really are? Some of us pass through life contradicting who we are, who we think we are, and what people say we are. We prefer to listen and secretly appreciate what others say we are than search for the answers. However, traveling breaks that comfort barrier we are accustomed to and brings out the real, unadulterated you.

Dissolves Cultural Upbringings

Until we move away from our immediate setting, we don’t know the power and impact that our upbringing has on us and how much it shapes and defines our path, choices, and decisions. Traveling helps you cut off those ties and remove the limitations and the power it has over us. When we mix with other cultures and ideas, we are forced to re-examine the part of our culture that is archaic that don’t allow us to grow and flourish. Traveling opens up the mind to know what is and what was created. Traveling has broadened my mindscape about the various cultures around the world and even though we are different, we are very similar in every way.

Time to Think and Learn

Isn’t it obvious? One of the biggest advantages of traveling is the time to think deeply and learn. Away from criticism, sarcasm, family, and friends, we find our inner voice. According to travelers, traveling created the avenue to seek true freedom, love, happiness, and relieve you from the stress for problems at home. In addition to time to think, you learn a lot through traveling. You learn to speak a different language (communication is key) even when it doesn’t come right, it’s just fun to try. You are willing to try out different cuisines, drinks, and understand more about the people, places, and sounds of your new environment. Through all this, the biggest impact of traveling is the opportunity to be grateful, to value, and understand that the basic things of life are worth more than money. It changes your perspective and installs a better level of understanding in you. The freedom to think and learn that is what traveling is all about.


This is not for creative minds alone. We express ourselves by the actions and choices we make daily, but sometimes our daily activity takes the same route and follows the same pattern that limits us in expressing the way we truly feel. Traveling is a channel to bring our creativity and talents. I have always loved music and dance, but growing up my neighborhood, a girl was not allowed to express themselves like that. Until I traveled out of my region, I didn’t know how much I love singing and dancing, but that I was funny and could create laughter even in a dark and gloomy situation?  All thanks to traveling, I feel liberated and self-fulfilled.

Increases your Agility

Traveling strips away our comfort and allows your brain process information faster than the normal. This alertness is instinctive in all of us but relegated to the background because of the comforts of life at our disposal. However, in a different environment, we become active and smarter to adapt and adopt the new way of life to make living enjoyable.

Discover your Passion

Traveling removes the restrictions of living life on the edge. It allows you to do what you want when you want, and how you want. Heck, it allows truly living your life selfishly which is not a bad thing. I once met a rock climber that discovered his climbing passion when he traveled to Germany and boom, he is an international rock climber today traveling around the globe climbing rocks and fulfilling his discovered passion. It can only get better at traveling.  I have also met a chef that became one through traveling. What are you still waiting for?

Create your own Path

Living your life involves creating your own path and following it regardless of the conditions, challenges, and setbacks. Traveling equips you with skills to rewrite your own destiny and make your own adventure thereby discovering your own path.

Make New and better Friends

Traveling kicks your social status into hyperdrive. You need friends in a new place. There is no better way to make friends that impact you without really knowing who you are than traveling. As you see more places, you make more friends. Do you know that friendship built during a journey last longer and better? Try it and spice up your contact list.

How to get the Best out of yourself Discovery Travel

Travel Solo

Best decision ever! Traveling alone allows you to actually and fully discover yourself. When you travel in a group or with friends and family, you are limited and will just be living your home life in another country. Traveling solo might seems confusing at first but once you are on the plane and in your hotel room, you immediately start to reset your system and plan how to enjoy the holiday, vacation or both.

Interact with the Locals

You are not going to learn much by staying alone or mingling with people that are similar to you. You have to be willing to learn from the bottom by allowing yourself to be educated in the process. Chat with the bike man, the waiter at the restaurant or the lady selling food on the street corner.

Participate in the Local Activity

If you travel to orient that has different cultures and traditions, participating in their festivities and ceremonies can change your ideology about the world. Enjoy yoga and meditation in India, take pastry classes in Paris or enjoy a religious hike in Bali. The list is endless and traveling solo allows you to do a lot of things.

Don’t be afraid to try new things or new Paths

This is the reason why you are traveling and whether you discover it on your first journey or you have to make another journey; the process of discovering your strengths and weaknesses is a never-ending journey that we do daily.

Write down all you Experience

This might look too boring, but it will remind you of all the lessons you learned while you were journeying through the landscape of the earth. Writing is also a way of releasing your inner feelings and aspirations in life.

What you learn on your Travels

  • Your Worries and Insecurities: how to handle your problems and deal with them better;
  • Your Dream: you have a clear sense of direction on how to pursue your dream and what you really want from life;
  • Calmness: learning a new culture and meeting new people makes you calmer and behave gentler;
  • Experience: every day is a new day when traveling and each day brings a new experience that develops you and makes you better;
  • Appreciation: traveling brings you in contact with people, culture, and situation that make you appreciate your background and what you have achieved in life. In addition, traveling makes you generous because you learn to give more to the less privileged especially if your travel to areas in the world where the word; less privilege is really less privileged.


Sometimes you just need to be far from everything to get more closer to yourself

“Sometimes you just need to be far from everything to get more closer to yourself.”  – Ceeianes


Self-discovery can be done everywhere, but to truly know and understand what you are made up of; traveling is the best platform for you to truly bring out the inner you. If you don’t have the fund to travel overseas, take a trip to another state or a neighboring country just to learn and enjoy some quiet time for some thorough thinking. It is no secret that most people that travel for self-discovery, come back refreshed, matured, and grown up.

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